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The Wayland Show - Sunday 7th August 2016

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The club was invited this year to attend the Wayland Show at Watton. The Wayland Show is probably the longest established, traditional style country show in Norfolk.

Although the date clashed with the Norfolk Smallholder Training Group Show at Sheringham Park, it was felt that it would be good for the club to establish a relationship with Wayland, which could possibly develop into a full club show in the future. It was decided that there were sufficient willing club members to split up and be represented at both shows.

Sarah and I, together with Richard, attended two Wayland Show committee meetings when it was very obvious that they were pleased to have the club’s involvement with the show. A brief club history and description of our activities, with photographs, was provided for the show’s website and to use in their publicity.

The club was represented on the day by Stella, Toby, Chloe, Finn, Sarah and myself. The goats were provided by Sarah, Richard and Zoë. Richard and Zoë were at the Smallholder Show at Sheringham but kindly allowed their goats to be taken along to Wayland.

The format for the day was as we do at the Norfolk Spring Fling, with the accent on education and enabling children to get close up and interact with the goats, and for adults considering having goats to ask questions and see the different breeds.

A small enclosed ‘arena’ was set up and children allowed in to handle the goats and to groom them. Finn did a hoof trimming demonstration, and Sarah a milking demonstration. Children were invited to have a go at milking and by fortune, the EDP photographer turned up at a very opportune moment, so some of you may have seen his photographs of the children milking.

Sarah took along her wether ‘Little Man’ who she has trained to pull a cart. He was quite an attraction and at the show committee’s request, he did a tour of the showground, and many photographs were taken.

The educational display was set up in the gazebo. This was mostly manned by Toby and Stella, with others on hand when not doing things with the goats.

The weather was good and very hot at times. There was a brisk wind across the very open site which meant that a lot of time was spent holding down the gazebo! This became too onerous after a while and it was decided to take the gazebo down and just leave the tables uncovered.

Although there were no goat trophies to present, we were invited to join in the grand parade and six goats were taken into the main ring. The show president in his speech thanked the club for taking part and putting on such a good display. He commented that this was the first time the club had taken part, but hoped that our involvement would continue in future years.

All in all the day was a great success, the only downside being the struggle with the gazebo in the blustery conditions. If our involvement is to continue in future years our opinion was that a marquee would be a must. Perhaps this could be discussed by the show committee, but possibly we would need to find a sponsor/s to cover the cost.

Best wishes to you all
Graham Craske

Male & Youngstock Goat Show

Toby Mitchel has just received the following message and would like to share it with everyone:

Good afternoon, Toby,
I’m webmaster for the Friends of Gressenhall website and when I was visiting the Workhouse and Farm yesterday, I took several photos of your Male & Youngstock Goat Show, which you may like to see. You’ll find them at Friends of Gressenhall blog. I’ve also included a link to your official website and it would be greatly appreciated if you could add a link to the Friends of Gressenhall website. Many thanks.

I hope you like the photos.
Ashley Gray, webmaster


Polo shirt Club mug

We are now able to offer polo shirts and mugs with the Norwich and District Goat Club logo to all club members. Please go to the SALES page where you will find the order form for the polo shirts and details of how to order the mugs.

Norfolk Spring Fling Report 2016

Spring Fling 2016 1 Spring Fling 2016 6 Spring Fling 2016 4 Spring Fling 2016 2 Spring Fling 2016 3

The Norwich and District Goat Club once again exhibited at the Spring Fling on Tuesday 5th April 2016 at the Royal Norfolk Show Ground. This is an event that attracted more than 5000 visitors with over 70 interactive stands and exhibits aimed at children 4-11 years old.

The aim of our stand was to make people understand where their food comes from, what is local to them & what is around them in the countryside. Therefore our displays included those about goats, the different breeds and all aspects of goat keeping. The very informative ‘Did you know’ facts such as ‘There are 88,000 goats in the UK’, were hung around the marquee for all to read. These helped explain that goats not only give us milk, meat, wool and leather, but that the milk can be made into cheese, butter and yoghurt and other products such as soap and hand cream. Both the soap and hand cream proved to be a great ‘hit with the public.

This year we were able to expand our area into a marquee which incorporated 3 separate sheep pens for the 13 kids (thus enabling children to see and touch the goats freely), and several pens which held goatlings, nannies and wethers. The kids were bottle fed by children throughout the day. We made sure that instructiveness was the key to learning and remembering ones experiences. The colouring table was constantly in use by everyone and used as a resting place for parents whilst their children cuddled the goats.

Outside in the ring, we gave a milking demonstration, hoof trimming and foot care, a grooming demonstrations in which the children were allowed to join in. Luckily the weather was good and the rain kept away.

Our team of Alan, Richard, Toby, Sheila, Graham, Sarah, Chloe, Callum, Jo-anne, Hazel and her grandson, Christine, Maggie, Finn, Sally and Zoë chatted to the public all day. Together their knowledge of goat keeping proved invaluable. We even made £75 selling goat shaped biscuits.

Zoë Mitchell.

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