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Goats at The Royal Norfolk Show.

This year's (2013) 'milkers only' show at the Royal Norfolk was a great success. It proved to be very popular with the public. In fact we came 3rd in the top ten educational exhibits in the show, as we staged continuous extra events allowing public interaction with the animals. We had brought along Kids and goatlings for this purpose and provided a continually manned information and help station in the marquee.

Let's hope a full show will be even better next year.

Thank you to our sponsors.

Did you know that?

The pedigrees of many goats and therefore their genetic make up are recorded further back than most if not all other livestock at this show.

All of the goats at this show are females (as it is a dairy show).

Good milking goats rival the best cattle in production, taking their size and food consumed into account.

The show is an opportunity for all, and in particular overseas visitors, to see top class stock in one place.

Goats are friendly and positively relish human company.

The show incorporates a milking competition including laboratory testing of the milk for quality - invaluable for improving quality.

Goat keepers love talking about their animals, whether it's to a curious child or someone more mature and thinking about a greener, more sustainable way of life.

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