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September Dairy Show 2016

We all know that a goat show is a place we go to show our goats, but ….. it is so much more. We catch up with our old friends, and sometimes make new ones. We exchange tips and stories, we listen to a few ‘moaning minnies’, and laugh, and sometimes we cry. We do our best, and our goats are sometimes good and sometimes impossible.
This autumn show was all of these, and so much more! Our chairman Richard and Jo-Anne made this into one of the best shows I have seen. Any problems, which were few, were dealt with quickly. Toby, Hazel and Linda did a good job, and although the first judge was not everyone's ‘cup of tea’, our second judge was well liked by most, and had a very nice manner with a good sense of humour.

The weather was not the greatest but it cheered up just enough for us to do the shows pretty well. The Saturday night BBQ went down very well, with a big thank you to Zoe and everyone who helped. Although a lot of our goats milk was down, (and no wonder given that the weather was suddenly so cold and wet) it seemed to me that most of the people, even the ones who did not win, went home in good spirits.
A big THANK YOU goes to everyone who put up the pens and took them down again. I hope to see you all at the BGS conference in October, and that all your old and new goats have a good end to the year.

Sheila Strover

Some photos.

Breckland & Dairy Show 2016 1 Breckland & Dairy Show 2016 3 Breckland & Dairy Show 2016 4 Breckland & Dairy Show 2016 5 Breckland & Dairy Show 2016 6 Breckland & Dairy Show 2016 8 Breckland & Dairy Show 2016 10

The Club Show Gressenhall August 2016

It was a beautiful day to be out in Norfolk, I thought to myself as I rounded the bend and drove into the Gressenhall car park. I wasn’t sure where the goat club event was to be held so looked out for signs but alas there was nothing there directing me to the goat show. I wonder if we can remedy that in the future? As I made my way round to the ticket place, there was that lovely welcoming sound of goat calls and I saw everyone gathered in the bottom field next to the outdoor playground. (Whether there was any information about the goat show in the ticket office I don’t know as I never got that far!)

This was really my first goat show and it was wonderful to see lots of friendly faces both human and goaty! See the picture below of Jo-Anne with one of her goat kids on her knee enjoying the warmth of the sun and looking every bit as relaxed as a cat or dog might be!

Everyone was very cheerful and also stoic about the placing of their goats when being judged, and kind and considerate of others. It was interesting listening to general comments about judges and judging, and noting how comfortable people were in today’s judge. It was after this event and discussion on judges' particular likes and dislikes in goat looks, that I was sent (anonymously), the little story of a Golden Guernsey that I included in our last newsletter. Some judges liked her and some didn’t but she turned out, just like the Ugly Duckling, to be one of the nicest and prettiest goats in the neighbourhood. ‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ I guess!

The only negative bit of the day was that Gressenhall staff hadn’t unlocked the gate to the side which meant anyone needing the loo had a long walk round, or a climb over a fence. I chose the latter, just to prove that my recovering broken knee and leg, though stiff and painful times did still work when desperate!

Anyway, the club show was fun, friendly, relaxed and quite quite lovely! Thank you one and all!


Some photos.

Club Show August 2016 1 Club Show August 2016 2 Club Show August 2016 3 Club Show August 2016 4 Club Show August 2016 6 Club Show August 2016 7 Club Show August 2016 11 Club Show August 2016 12 Club Show August 2016 13 Club Show August 2016 15 Club Show August 2016 16 Club Show August 2016 17 Club Show August 2016 18 Club Show August 2016 19

Norfolk Smallholder Training Group Show August 2016

It was a beautiful day for the show again this year with many visitors and some excellent stalls selling or demonstrating a wonderful variety of goods and services. I was on the gate for an hour around lunchtime and can say that it was pretty hectic with visitors coming and going right through the day. The goat club was well represented with Diane, Richard, Sheila, Dave, Zoe, Beau and Peter doing ‘a sterling job’ of chatting to people, explaining aspects of goat keeping. Throughout the day it was nice to see a constant flow of other club members stopping at the stand to say hi and lend a hand. It really is a great day out at the Smallholders Show enabling the club to promote the benefits of goat keeping and of course club membership. As ever, the gorgeous little goat kids proved to be a ‘people stopper’! Three of the goat kids present were under two weeks old and drew quite a crowd of all ages wanting to feed and cuddle them. The parade of goats in the ring in the morning and again in the afternoon went well and served to promote the goats even further for those who hadn’t managed to get through the crowds milling round the goat pens.

Zoe brought along the educational element of the club display, and set it up. It was good to see such a good education stand on behalf of the club, considering at least half was on display at the Wayland show that same day! It’s surprising how much time Zoe has spent, and how much information she has collected.

In a separate stall just next door was Zoe with her goats’ milk cosmetics. There was a great range of goods - soaps, lip balms, creams, lotions etc with testers for you to try too. Everything was beautifully packaged and looked really professional, making a great promotional addition to the goats’ stand.

For the last couple of hours of the show, I was ‘on duty’ in the NSTG members tent and lots of visitors came in to join, having just come from the goats and still full of enthusiasm. The feedback they gave re goats was fantastic. As they signed up to join the NSTG, I was also able to give ‘Why don’t you also join the Norwich and District Goat Club?’ ‘mini-promotion’, so I hope some have done so. All in all it was a great day. Sincere thanks to everyone who came along.

We met some lovely people at the Show and already have signed up some new members from the event. In addition one family has purchased their first British Toggenburg kid after falling in love with her on the day!

Some photos.

NSTG show 2016 1 NSTG show 2016 2 NSTG show 2016 3

Male Show at Gressenhall in July

Gressinghall 1 Gressinghall 2 Gressinghall 3 Gressinghall 4 Gressinghall 5 Gressinghall 6 Gressinghall 7 Gressinghall 8 Gressinghall 9 Gressinghall 10

Photos of the Stody Show in May

Stody Show 1 Stody Show 2 Stody Show 3 Stody Show 4 Stody Show 5 Stody Show 6

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